AI Voice Intelligence Platform

AI is changing the way it works

Improve management efficiency by an average of 35%

Automatic full quality inspection, real-time prediction of hot public opinion
Timely push to managers

25% increase in customer satisfaction

360-degree customer portraits
Intelligent prompts for artificial agents

55% average labor cost savings

Controllable all-weather intelligent robot, reducing closedness
Scenario customer service labor costs

Problem solving rate increased by 50% on average

Intelligent customer service assistant, understand customer demands in real time,
Push alerts and solutions

Platform architecture

Core competence

Intellectual "knowledge"

Identify customers by voice big data analysis
Intelligently predict customer service needs

  • Speech big data analysis
  • ASR speech recognition

  • Semantic context recognition
  • Customer and agent portraits

Intellectual "moving"

Intelligent customer service assistant, real-time capture of business knowledge points and service taboos in conversations, for
Customer representatives push solutions and reminders, intelligent robots replace manual completion standards
And process business consulting

  • Intelligent voice navigation
  • Natural speech processing

  • Intelligent customer service assistant
  • Voice interactive robot

  • Smart TTS
  • Intelligent Knowledge Base


Use of speech recognition, text mining and other technologies, using NLP and CNN algorithms
And machine learning algorithms to achieve automatic full quality inspection and improve quality inspection efficiency,
Business landing speed, service analysis level

  • Automatic voice to text
  • Speech interaction analysis

  • Automatic full quality inspection
  • Intelligent diagnosis

  • Corpus construction

Intelligent scene application

Intelligent voice quality inspection
Smart customer service
Business notification and confirmation
Business Operation Analysis

Service Quality Management

Realize automatic full-scale intelligent quality inspection, break the limit of the magnitude of traditional call recording sampling inspection, automatically achieve 100% full-text quality inspection through voice-to-text, effectively grasp the full communication content, and greatly reduce labor costs


In the quality inspection model, through custom hotspot keywords and quality inspection rules, quality screening is performed on the full amount of recorded data, to understand the hotspots that customers are concerned about, and to find more marketing opportunities

Public opinion warning

Create quality inspection rules by combining keywords, silence duration, and sound channel combination to achieve customer service mood detection, analyze customer complaints about products and services, and do service early warning

By setting standardized processes in advance, customer service robots can implement intelligent voice menu guidance
A lot of repetitive tasks such as aviation, standardized business consulting and after-sales inquiry, telephone booking,
Release 50% of the energy of customer service staff

  • Dining reservation

  • Map business information verification

  • After-sales service visit survey

  • After-sales maintenance appointment

Using intelligent voice robot to dock the order system, automatically initiate a notification or confirmation call,
According to the preset process, live voice interaction, in addition to standard terms, transfer to manual agents,
Send confirmation message automatically after the call ends

  • Repayment reminder for overdue loans

  • Reminder of living expenses

  • Training course reminders

  • Express logistics delivery confirmation

Customer problem analysis

Collect customer feedback issues, speech recognition potentially invalid or risky speech, improve problem resolution

Customer attribute identification

Analyze customer portraits, call durations, conversation rounds, keywords, etc. to identify key customers and unintended customers

Market launch effect tracking

Customize key indicators, track the market launch effect of various products, and adjust market strategies in a timely manner

通过合力亿捷产品和技术获取服务 On average, at least 80 million people receive services through Heli Eager products and technologies

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