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Beijing Heli Egjet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Heli Egjet) stock code: 833629, is a technology company focusing on software and overall solutions in the communications field. The business scope includes: call center systems and services, Internet work platforms, project management software, group business support software, etc.

Heli Eage's software and services have been widely used in telecommunications, finance, insurance, express logistics, radio and television, education, e-commerce, manufacturing, public utilities and many other fields. Committed to helping enterprises build a big connection for internal and external communication, to achieve smooth and external communication with customers through call center products, and seamless collaboration between internal and internal employees through the "Internet work platform (small secret).

Every day, more than 80 million people obtain information and services through Heli Yijie products.


Heli Yijie ISO / IEC20000-1 Certificate

ISO / IEC20000-1 certification

Heli Yijie ISO9001 Certificate

ISO9001 certificate

Heli Yijie ISO / IEC27001 Certificate

ISO / IEC27001 certification

Heli Yijie CMMI Level 5 Certificate

CMMI Level 5 Certificate

Heli Yijie Value-added Telecom Business License

Value-added telecommunications business license

Heli Yijie Information System Integration Level II Qualification

Information System Integration Level II Qualification


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