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The company creates a corporate culture atmosphere of "users, dedication, fun, sharing"

关注用户的持续性;让最终用户可以愉悦地使用我们的产品,享受我们的服务。 Users: Focus on the continuity of users; make end-users happy to use our products and enjoy our services.

不挥霍生命,要在有限的生命中做有意义的事,在工作中提倡工匠精神。 Dedication: Don't waste your life, do something meaningful in your limited life, and promote the craftsman spirit in your work.

寻找工作乐趣,攻克一个目标、打败一个对手,让工作更有成就与乐趣。 Fun: Find work fun, overcome a goal, defeat an opponent, and make work more successful and fun.

每个人都可以是牛人,可以是神人,因为分享使每个人更加强大,相互勉励各展所长,个人的成长将带动团队的强大。 Sharing: Everyone can be a cow or a god, because sharing makes everyone stronger, and encourages each other's directors. Individual growth will lead to a strong team.

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