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Smart car CRM

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CRM解决方案 Smart car CRM solution

Connect devices with users, people and cars, and car-connected services

Unified service center window and standards
Multimedia Interactive Service Center
Travel advisory services
One touch call service
Remote Vehicle Control Service
Appointment service

Application scenario

Unified service center window and standards

Provide users with a unified waiter window to form a one-stop service,
Improve user service experience.

Multimedia Interactive Service Center

In addition to the traditional hotline, the service center can also use email, WeChat,
Websites, mobile apps and other interactive channels provide users with rich and differentiated services.

One touch call service

Not only provide the "basic" and "standard" service functions of call centers such as pre-sales consultation, after-sales, repair, maintenance reservation and technical support, but also can realize road rescue services (B-Call) through one-click calling on the vehicle.
Emergency Rescue Service (E-Call).

Travel advisory services

Combined with a map positioning system, it provides vehicle positioning, navigation, and information push travel consulting services (I-Call, such as navigation and information push).

Remote Vehicle Control Service

By integrating a remote control interface, it helps car owners to achieve remote lock-up,
Vehicle control services such as unlocking, switching air conditioners, engines, windows, etc.

Appointment service

Combining daily brand promotion and market promotion activities, its users can also make test drive and experience appointments through the service center.

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