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Telecom operator intelligent customer service

Telecom operators, administration, corporate affairs

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Smart car CRM

Smart Marketing in Education Industry

智能营销解决方案 Intelligent marketing solutions for education industry

Application scenario

Online communication appointment

Education and training institutions return the registered students through the system outbound function.
Record interested students to complete subsequent course referrals and purchases.

  • Lianghao Resources (95/1010), unified corporate image

  • Intelligent robots call out, interact with voice, collect information on whether to take courses

  • Customer management, forming a customer follow-up mechanism

Class notification reminder

When parents / students have successfully booked a course, they will be notified by voice / text of the time and place of the class.

  • Interface call to automatically call students who have successfully scheduled a course

  • Integrate business and support click-to-call in enterprise business systems

  • Support SMS notification

Course Consulting Services

Integrate service channels such as phone, APP, and WeChat public account to provide trainees with manual / self-service such as course consultation and complaint suggestions.

  • Flexible IVR voice flow customization

  • Robot self-service

  • Incoming call intelligent distribution

Student Information Management

Centrally manage student information in each branch campus, integrate student contact information, selected courses, call history and other information to achieve efficient management and distribution.

  • Privilege settings, set student information viewing permissions

  • Incoming call screen, student information, communication records in one hand

  • Count all students' enrollment

Comprehensive data reporting and monitoring

Improve data analysis reports and multi-dimensional quality inspection analysis, help to clearly understand customer dynamics and customer business data, and improve decision-making efficiency.

  • User Source Track

  • Agent workload report

  • Intelligent Quality Inspection

  • real time monitoring

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