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智能增值应用方案 Intelligent value-added application solutions for express logistics industry

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Six value-added services provide more comprehensive intelligent solutions for the express logistics industry

Intelligent identification list service platform
Robot online
Intelligent dispatch system
Hidden communication application service platform
MailRoom for Smart Business Post Office

Application scenario

Smart robot online
Improve customer service efficiency by 100%

Integrate self-service, robot customer service, and manual customer service, and deeply integrate typical express logistics services such as checking, sending, relocating, checking outlets, and service work orders to connect customers faster.

  • self-service

  • smart robot

  • Business integration

Intelligent document ordering service platform to reduce manual ordering costs

Based on business-leading OCR pre-recognition technology, it supports machine-type and hand-written courier logistics sheet automatic identification and entry, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of order entry.
Reduce the risk of leakage of private information.

  • Support whole line handwriting input

  • Automatic information correction and completion

  • Support waybill picture slicing

  • Orientation of express work

Intelligent dispatch scheduling system provides the best scheduling plan

Based on the intelligent analysis results of massive industry historical data, address-based dispatch and real-time allocation of resources are achieved to improve the accuracy and efficiency of dispatch.

  • Address service

  • Smart dispatch

  • route plan

  • Resource scheduling

Intelligent voice notification service platform

An automatic voice outbound platform based on the communication technology of a professional call center. After the call is connected, the voice announcement (text or recording) is broadcast according to the service settings.

  • Lightweight mobile system

  • Intelligent voice interaction

Hidden communication application service platform

Communicate based on the middle number to hide the real numbers of both parties.
Provide a variety of numbers such as service number, fixed line, mobile number, and support unilateral and bilateral confidentiality.

  • Caller whitelist management

  • Caller whitelist verification

  • Call Recording

  • Reconciliation

MailRoom for Smart Business Post Office
Promote the express logistics industry to expand enterprise-level business

The on-line and off-site courier logistics on-site service system takes into account the difficulties and complexity of corporate employees and couriers in receiving and dispatching courier services, receiving and dispatching courier services, and settling freight.

  • Order online

  • Offline print receipt

  • pay online

  • Receiving Delivery

  • Offline receipt

  • Freight settlement

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