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Auto finance customer service and collection

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多渠道客服和催收解决方案 Multi-channel customer service and collection solutions for auto finance

Application scenario

Intelligent customer service system greatly improves customer service efficiency

It covers the integration of multi-media channel access integration from voice, SMS, fax, online customer service, WeChat, Weibo, etc., as well as communication platform functions such as IVR voice navigation, automatic outgoing calls, CTI intelligent routing, and full call recording.

  • consulting service

  • Business acceptance

  • Work order circulation

  • Knowledge management

  • Outbound marketing

  • Customer management

  • On-site monitoring

  • Comprehensive quality inspection

  • Statistical Analysis

Multi-channel credit collection system provides an effective control system

  • Collection automation

  • Introduce collection process management to achieve automatic allocation of collection tasks

  • Business marks

  • Automatically record the collection operation process, query the detailed information of each collection

  • Business integration

  • Integration with credit approval system, imaging system, etc. and business information transmission

  • Business data analysis

  • Analysis of business data, performance data, receivables data, and various operational management data

360 collection portrait view

  • Customer Information

  • Historical collection information

  • Post-loan information

  • Repayment information

  • Register collection information

Mobile collection for business processing anytime, anywhere

Image management system provides fast and flexible management methods

By scanning and collecting image data, electronically processing image image data, and data information, and integrating and merging with credit core business systems, the image data becomes an effective source, and finally electronic images, data, etc. are formed for information. Verification, customer credit, loan and other services provide fast and flexible image management.

Comprehensive query system Multi-dimensional data support

The integrated query system can be used as an independent integrated query medium to provide data query services. Not only can read and write be separated to reduce and release the core system pressure caused by data query; at the same time, it can provide a more comprehensive, rich and flexible data analysis dimension extension, and provide data for the decision-making and analysis of financial enterprise management. support.

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