Intelligent value-added application of express logistics

Telecom operator intelligent customer service

Telecom operators, administration, corporate affairs

Auto finance customer service and collection

Smart car CRM

Smart Marketing in Education Industry

政企业务全量解决方案 Total solution for telecom operators and corporate affairs

Helping telecom operators build a new ecosystem for government and corporate affairs

Set up "two convergence platforms" for capacity and data, create "seven centers" for orders, products, customers, resources, rights, intelligence, and data, and integrate knowledge, solutions, resources, products, customers, cases, projects, experts, and qualifications " Nine Enabling Banks "to restructure the new ecosystem of telecommunications operators' government and enterprises and achieve intensive operations.

Application scenario

Intelligent government and enterprise in Taiwan End-to-end support marketing services and production operation system

  • Cross-professional, cross-regional, cross-level, cross-business, cross-platform integration

  • Collection of multi-touch order information

  • Integrated operation

  • Internet-level ease of use

  • Internet-based government enterprise self-service

Intelligent mid-stage builds life-cycle service process

  • Focus on business opportunity projects

  • Support leads, business opportunities, support, signing, implementation, after-sales processes

  • Pre-sales, during-sales, and after-sales links throughout the business development of the group's customers

  • Capability call, capability aggregation, data aggregation

Three major processes protect customers, front-line personnel,
Support staff and project managers to work efficiently

  • Order flow demand acceptance start

  • Project flow management order execution

  • Business flow meets customer / account manager needs

Combining artificial and intelligent, smarter and faster

  • Intelligent mid-stage acceptance: intelligent sorting, automatic ordering, automatic reminder, and automatic tracking.

  • Manual mid-stage acceptance: manual orders, manual orders, information receipts, manual feedback.

Professional node data analysis supports and accepts the entire process monitoring, overtime warning, rolling warning

  • Support process node monitoring, timeout alarm

  • Operational analysis and early warning strategy

  • Transparency of customers and transparency of internal supervision

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