From November 25th to 26th, the 5th GET Educational Technology Conference 2019 with the theme of "Teaching Competence, Learning for Promotion" was held at the Beijing National Convention Center to discuss the "teaching, learning, Use the integration and upgrade of all links and tracks. Heli Yijie was invited to the conference as a technology service company to show how Heli Yijie's intelligent cloud customer service can help education companies achieve Internet and technology upgrades.

After five years of development and refinement, GET Education Technology Conference has participated in the development and interaction of education, science and technology, the Internet and other industries, confirming the vigorous development of online education. As a technology service company, Heli Yijie has also become a member of the development of online education, growing with online education. Heli Eage provides expert-level intelligent marketing and service solutions for the pain points of the development of the education industry, meets the growing business needs of enterprises, and provides more optimized systems, solutions and strong guarantees.

Pain points of online education companies

In the Internet era, the convenience of the Internet has brought education reform to a new stage. Online education companies have sprung up into the education industry, meeting online learning needs through online teaching or live broadcasts. Although the industry is developing rapidly and the number of users is increasing sharply, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce. How to retain old customers? How to occupy the market? How to promote courses and brands? It has become the foundation of deep roots.

In the marketing scene, enrollment is the core issue for almost all education companies. After users register and consult online, education companies will begin to recruit students by phone to understand user needs, course answers, and arrange auditions. This process is not a simple "you say I listen", there are still many problems to be solved, such as different attribution of caller ID display, which will lead to a higher rejection rate for users; the unreasonable allocation of returning visitors will cause users to answer repeatedly Repeat calls, etc. In the service scenario, the time utilization efficiency of artificial customer service, service quality under high pressure, and service satisfaction are also issues that cannot be ignored.

In response to the pain points and needs of the online education industry, Heli Eg Smart Cloud Customer Service has proposed marketing services solutions for the education industry to provide technical support for the entire process from telephone enrollment to customer service, helping education companies to establish communication channels between enterprises and customers Achieve powerful customer management and analysis functions.

AI empowers more possibilities

With regard to the product details of Heli Eager Intelligent Cloud Customer Service, the realization of AI in the education business scene has made AI not only look good and work well.

Teachers and students call the enterprise customer service system, and the intelligent IVR voice navigation system provides functions such as voice playback, telephone navigation, and intelligent self-service. The course and business problems can be solved through interaction with the robot, and the phone can be transferred to the skills group to be answered by customer service through voice navigation, and the professional customer service can solve the course problems.

Enterprises can strengthen communication with teachers and students through outbound calls, which can prevent the loss of teacher and student resources and provide value-added services such as cross-selling for old customers. Using traffic marketing to actively acquire new customers, the application of the intelligent cloud customer service system will have an overwhelming advantage in the expansion of education business, turning cost centers into profit centers.

Heli Yijie perfectly combines AI intelligence and communication services. The maturity of the intelligent outbound robot solution has saved labor and time costs for the enterprise. The intelligent outbound robot will always guarantee 100% enthusiasm and friendly attitude, which directly avoids the emotional impact of customer service. Under service disputes, advanced outbound calls can increase customer service efficiency by 2 to 4 times.

The system provides a full 360-degree customer portrait, and companies can retain and update teacher and student information. In addition to recording the basic information of teachers and students, the system can manage extended information such as teachers 'and students' operating habits, personal preferences, and related issues. Record the history of incoming and outgoing calls of teachers and students, as well as business related records such as consultation and complaints, purchase of classes, and return visits of teachers and students.

The customizable workflow has powerful integrated statistics of work order circulation, processing, tracking, statistics, and assessment, and reminds and tracks customer service response, processing speed, and progress. It can meet the needs of continuous optimization and reorganization of business processes.

The built-in knowledge base can use some common customer service speech and sales speech as internally shared information, and language skills can also become an indispensable tool to answer customer questions and improve work efficiency.

Omni-channel access integrates the visit information of teachers and students, realizes multi-channel interaction and intercommunication such as WeChat, network, SMS, and email, so that customers can enjoy corporate care and services anytime, anywhere.

Heli Yijie has been cultivating for 17 years. With its extensive experience in tens of thousands of marketing and customer service solutions and its industry-leading cloud customer service operation capabilities, Smart Cloud Customer Service has been well-known for its future, elite education, and Reed English. Business success. Heli Egjet participated in the GET Education Technology Conference this time. Heli Egjet fully communicated and shared with guests with its customer service industry expertise and rich experience. In the future, Heli Egjet intelligent cloud customer service will support more education. Marketing and service scenarios help education companies realize more possibilities!