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Intelligent call center system

Product advantages

Solve matrix organization
Staffing dilemma

Customized configuration
Highly matched business processes

SaaS platform
& Localized Deployment

Seamless ERP
CRM and other systems

Intuitive display of the portal panel
project status

Real-time push alert notifications
And message alerts

Building an Enterprise-Level Project Management Framework

Core functions

Progress management
Man-hour management
Cost management
Project monitoring
Contract management

Open and transparent progress management

  • Project managers create and dispatch tasks at any time within a project group
  • Project members keep abreast of personal task lists and report task progress
  • Visualization of task creation, task progress, and owner information
  • Find problems, communicate within groups, comment on tasks
  • Task completion process, support PDCA cycle

Three-dimensional man-hour management

  • Based on task reporting, reporting information is open and transparent
  • A clear overview of the work track of project members
  • Reporters support self-inspection by members, manager rejection, and administrator real-time monitoring
  • Promptly correct the reported work items in a timely manner to ensure accurate working hours

Professional and reliable cost management

  • Listed company-level labor cost accounting and meet IPO audit requirements
  • Multi-accounting units supporting head office, branch offices, departments and projects
  • Reliable estimation of the cost of the phased project, which is helpful for the recognition of revenue by the completion percentage method
  • Purchasing, borrowing, reimbursement, approval, etc. all electronic
  • Project manager, finance staff, real-time view project loan and repayment

Project monitoring real-time guarantee

  • The project deliverables correspond to specific tasks, and the implementation process is monitored
  • Project progress is open and transparent, and costs are kept up to date
  • Through the establishment of quality assurance tools such as inspection items, milestones and reviews
  • Ensuring compliance with project requirements and effectively avoiding project risks

Contract management is simple and practical

  • Automatically generate contract numbers and contract classifications
  • Set up collection and payment plans according to contract terms
  • Keep abreast of contract progress and payment situation
  • Contract changes, historical versions and change records are automatically retained and documented

Enterprise Office Applications

Group chat / private chat

Full address book

Attendance sign in

Process approval

Report form

Task management

Personnel file management

telephone conference

knowledge base

CRM Management

Typical customer case

Group companies
Planning and Design
IT system integration
R & D and manufacturing
Education and training

采用小秘项目管理系统,管理内部沟通协作,打通了部门之间的隔阂,横向、纵向上都能第一时间沟通协作。 China Telecom Liaoning Branch adopts the secret project management system to manage internal communication and collaboration, which has opened up the gap between departments, and can communicate and collaborate in the first time horizontally and vertically. Through in-depth integration with business systems, functions such as custom configuration of time and attendance, process approval, and announcements have significantly improved the team's mobile office efficiency.

采用小秘项目管理系统,整合全国各个分支机构,打造了统一的沟通协作平台。 EMS, using the secret project management system, integrates all branches across the country to create a unified communication and collaboration platform. Through the tight integration of the secret task management and document management with the express logistics business process, it greatly supports professional customer service such as dispatch dispatching, proactive tracking, after-sales inquiry, and complaint acceptance, which significantly improves service capabilities.

采用小秘项目管理系统,通过任务管理和IM沟通,提高了项目团队跨部门、跨平台协作效率。 Tsinghua Tongheng, using the secret project management system, improved task team and cross-platform collaboration efficiency through task management and IM communication. Through progress management and document management, progress monitoring and deliverable management in each phase of the project are realized. The use of the project reporting module effectively solves the problems of working hours statistics and labor cost accounting within the project.

采用小秘项目管理系统,对实施项目进行了有效的监控管理。 Wuhan Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. has adopted the secret project management system to effectively monitor and manage the implementation of the project. It solves the requirements of project communication, project man-hour management, project progress management, project receipt and payment management, and project cost monitoring, effectively overcoming historical problems such as staff casual reporting and difficult labor cost accounting. Created an integrated project management platform.

采用小秘项目管理系统,对员工报工进行精准的统计监控,报工的同时填写工作内容,代替传统工作日报,实现了员工工时量化管理,任务管理更透明。 Jindian United Bank adopts the secret project management system to perform accurate statistical monitoring on employees 'reporting. At the same time as reporting, they fill in the work content instead of the traditional daily work report, realizing the quantitative management of employees' working hours and more transparent task management. Through the customized configuration of the project risk form, it is highly matched with the business process and becomes a powerful tool for effectively avoiding project risks.

采用小秘项目管理系统,将工时管理、项目监控,收付款合同管理等功能模块与业务流程深度结合,对项目人工成本、外包费、员工差旅费等进行有效管理,并兼用完工百分比法对阶段性项目进行有效监控,使财务和审计更清晰的看到当前的项目情况。 Guan'an, Shanghai, adopts the secret project management system, which deeply integrates functional modules such as man-hour management, project monitoring, and payment contract management with business processes to effectively manage project labor costs, outsourcing fees, employee travel expenses, etc., and also uses percentage completion The law effectively monitors phased projects, enabling financial and auditing to see the current project situation more clearly.

应用小秘项目管理系统的推行应用,公司管理部人员能清了解项目的所有阶段进展情况,包括项目的里程碑、交付物、项目计划、风险、文档等内容,并生产可视化的数据图表可供导出。 Ningbo Huaxiang, applying the implementation of the secret project management system, company management staff can clearly understand the progress of all phases of the project, including project milestones, deliverables, project plans, risks, documents and other content, and produce visual data Charts are available for export. The secret project management software satisfies employees to report work in real time through mobile or PC, and helps the company to formulate a chart of the comparison of standard working hours and actual working hours at each stage of the project, and uses this information to predict and analyze the project and improve the project schedule. Level of accuracy and project time management.

通过小秘项目管理软件建立了以项目为核心,涵盖进度管理、交付物管理、任务协作、文档管理、项目流程控制等方面的管理,实现项目运行信息统一化、规范化管理、可视化的管理体系。 Jushu Technology has established a project as the core through the secret project management software, covering management of progress management, deliverables management, task collaboration, document management, project process control, etc., to achieve unified, standardized management and visualization of project operation information Management system.

应用小秘项目管理软件进行项目全过程管理,运用CRM进行客户商机跟进管理,以及收付款合同与项目关联,项目进度监控,项目计划任务分派,项目文件知识管理,项目协作沟通等,实现了公司项目管理及相关日常管理工作的流程化、标准化,为企业项目管理提质增效。 Zhengji Foundation, using the secret project management software for the whole process management of the project, using CRM for customer business opportunity follow-up management, and the connection between the payment and payment contracts and the project, project progress monitoring, project planning task assignment, project file knowledge management, project collaboration and communication, etc. , To achieve the company's project management and related daily management work process and standardization, to improve corporate project management quality and efficiency.

采用小秘项目管理系统,实现了跨部门、跨平台终端的多人任务协作。 The most intelligent learning, using the secret project management system, to achieve cross-department, cross-platform terminal multi-person task collaboration. Xiaobi's unique task management function fits perfectly with its R & D business scenario. Tasks can be created and followed at any time in the R & D project group. Project task collaboration using Xiaobi project management software, project phase progress management, project budget cost management, and project progress Visualization, sharing of knowledge and information, balancing resource allocation, and improving product upgrade efficiency.

Real-time synchronization between mobile phone and PC

Based on cloud mode, continuous upgrade, better ease of use, open Internet office mode anytime, anywhere
Support multiple terminals (Wins, Mac, Web, Android, IOS)


Transmission encryption

Data transmission in encrypted form based on SSL / TLS protocol
To ensure end-to-end network transmission security

Safe operation and maintenance

ISO27001 information security certification
More than 10 years of SaaS product security operation and maintenance experience

Secure storage

Relying on Alibaba Cloud security technology, real-time security monitoring
Bank-level data encryption, multi-point data backup

Customer trust

China Unicom, EMS, Tsinghua Tongheng, Haidilao
And other well-known companies trust

通过合力亿捷产品和技术获取服务 On average, at least 80 million people receive services through Heli Eager products and technologies

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