Chengdu call center system

Why choose us

Platform nationwide coverage

Platform nationwide coverage

Call platform resources throughout the country
400/95 number rich in resources

Omni-channel access

Omni-channel access

Integration of APP, WeChat and Web

Professional and flexible solutions

Professional and flexible solutions

Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud
Flexible solution customization

Agents rent on demand

Agents rent on demand

No need to purchase hardware and software facilities
Launched within one working day

Unified management monitoring

Unified management monitoring

No need for professional operation and maintenance personnel
7x24 one-to-one exclusive customer service

Typical industry solutions

Financial insurance

Car travel car travel

Education training

New retail & e-commerceNew retail & e-commerce

Living Services Living Services

Business servicesBusiness services


With the rise of Internet finance in recent years, the financial and insurance industry has ushered in new opportunities and competition has become fiercer. The pressure on customer conversion, precise marketing policy supervision, and data security has increased. Heli Eage has many years of service experience in this field, and has provided perfect and stable customer service marketing solutions for well-known companies such as Sunshine Insurance and JD Finance.

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In the field of automobile travel, there are many excellent companies. If you want to stand out, in addition to your own products, customer service is the key factor for the company's long-term success. Heli Yijie has a deep accumulation in this field. Many well-known companies have adopted Heli Yijie's intelligent customer service system to solve their customer service problems and have given them a high degree of recognition.

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In recent years, China's education and training market has developed by leaps and bounds. In this era of chasing herds, gaining more business opportunities, converting efficiently into orders, and high-quality customer service are imminent. Aiming at the characteristics of this industry, Heli Yijie has devoted itself to research and provided a complete customer service marketing solution to help enterprises take off quickly.

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The new retail and e-commerce industries are fast-growing industries. The upgrading of consumer consumption drives the continuous optimization of business models, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Heli Egtech has launched a smart customer service robot + manual customer service solution for this industry to reduce corporate customer service costs. At the same time, it improves the conversion rate and service satisfaction of user purchases, which contributes to the growth of e-commerce platforms.

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With the popularity of the mobile Internet, we have become accustomed to the consumption habits of ordering online and offline services. Under the characteristics of highly converging products and models in the industry, how to optimize the service experience is the core competitiveness of the company. Heli Yijie has been providing professional intelligent customer service solutions for the leading companies in this industry, and grows together with the company.

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With the rise of SaaS, the enterprise service industry is undergoing change. The simplest and best products can no longer meet customer demands. Only those who can provide high-quality products + services can be invincible. Heli Yijie is a member of the enterprise service industry. Always adhering to the concept of providing customers with quality products + services, it has escorted the customer service of many outstanding companies.

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Product core functions

Full process management
Robot assist
Data Operations
No dead angle monitoring

Full process management from customer consultation to after-sales service

Unified services come from multi-channel customers such as phone, Web, App, WeChat, etc.
Intelligently identify customer information during the consultation process, and grasp customer resources in one hand.
Create, assign and track work orders at any time, with records for each link,

Voice IVR Voice IVR

Incoming call screen Incoming call screen

Work order circulation Work order circulation

CRM Management CRM Management

Full process management

Intelligent voice interactive robot to reduce your burden

Intelligent user portrait, real-time prediction of customer intent,
Solve 90% of simple high frequency repetition problems independently,
Push the best plan in real time when the manual customer service handles the consultation

Knowledge base management Knowledge base management

Intelligent voice robot Intelligent voice robot

Customer service assistant Customer service assistant

Intelligent routing Intelligent routing

Robot assist

Intelligent voice analysis to support digital operations

Based on technologies such as automatic speech-to-text conversion, deep semantic understanding, and speech big data analysis
Achieve automatic quality inspection with full coverage, timely collection and early warning of hot public opinion,
Thematic analysis of business operations analysis, advertising and customer surveys.

Automatic voice to text Automatic voice to text

Intelligent voice quality inspection Intelligent voice quality inspection

Speech big data analysis Speech big data analysis

Hot public opinion analysis Hot public opinion analysis

Data Operations

Big visual screen, 360-degree monitoring and management

Real-time large screen monitoring of the status of conversation volume, response time, customer satisfaction, etc.
A variety of statistical reports for customer source analysis and comprehensive and accurate evaluation of customer service workload.
Easier customer service performance evaluation and marketing plan development

knowledge base knowledge base

Big screen monitoring Big screen monitoring

satisfaction survey satisfaction survey

data report data report

No dead angle monitoring

Meet the needs of enterprise customized services

Industry accumulation

Deep industry accumulation

Heli Yijie products are widely used in telecommunications
Finance, Express, Education, E-commerce
And utilities

Technical strength

Strong technical strength

600+ people 80% of the company's size are technical cadres
27 core technologies 104 software copyrights
Independent research and development of all products

implementation plan

Professional implementation plan

Meeting complex business needs
Support on-premises and cloud deployment
Provide professional system implementation solutions

Service Center

Service centers across the country

Platform resources all over the country, 26 provinces
The city has professional service centres that provide
Customer-centric one-stop service

Thousands of well-known companies unanimously trust

Business case-Xiaohongshu

Little Red Book

"Heli Egjet's call center platform unified management of various channels of consultation. Through customer portraits, it can help us to capture information such as browsing trajectories and historical records of visitors. The efficiency improvement is still obvious.

Business case-learning online school

Learn and Think Online

"Heli Yijie's intelligent robot customer service is easy to handle simple and repetitive problems, which greatly reduces the workload of manual agents. The stability of the system is also better and maintenance is very convenient."

Business case-sunshine insurance

Sun Insurance

"Sunshine Insurance has cooperated with Heli Yijie for many years. Heli Yijie's call center system has been very stable, and the back-end data statistics and monitoring functions are also very strong. It is a trusted partner that continuously upgrades and iterates with business needs."

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