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智能客服解决方案 Telecom operator intelligent customer service solution

Application scenario

Intelligent voice robot shunt

Add intelligent voice robot services to traditional IVR, understand incoming customer demands, and schedule back-end capabilities such as intelligent knowledge bases and business processing interfaces to provide customers with natural voice services.

  • Speech recognition / synthesis technology

  • Natural language understanding

  • Support for multiple rounds of dialog management

  • Supports capacity expansion on existing queuing machines

Omni-channel, all-media unified online service support

Provide unified access for omni-channel online services such as mobile / web / micro-hall, micro-blog, and official website, and support online robot, user knowledge base, and artificial seat service access.

  • Robot / labor / user self-service integration switch

  • Agent intelligent assistance

  • Agent site management

  • Service indicator monitoring statistics

Comprehensive intelligent agent assistance

Provide online / hotline agents with comprehensive intelligent auxiliary functions such as customer intent judgment, plan recommendation, and quick business handling, reducing agent capacity requirements, saving training expenses, improving agent efficiency and customer perception.

  • Voice-to-text, voice, intonation, speaking speed, etc.

  • Prejudge user's intention and status, push service guide

  • High-frequency business auxiliary query

  • Call cause analysis record

Smart recording for full recording

Use voice recognition, natural language understanding and other technologies to perform automatic quality inspections of all call center manual service recordings, comprehensively improve the quality inspection efficiency, expand the scope of quality inspection, and save labor costs.

  • Customizable QC rule templates

  • Custom scoring templates and scoring processes

  • Violation, forward service real-time quality inspection

Centralized integrated customer service system

In accordance with the "unified platform, two-tier application" model, the scattered customer service systems of telecom operators in each province are integrated into a set of integrated customer service systems. Includes core customer service production functions such as voice robots, omni-channel agent workbenches, and province-specific personality zones to create Internet-based, multimedia-based, and intelligent integrated service capabilities.

  • Unified service support for all media and channels

  • One-screen clearing, one-click processing, one-click diagnosis and other intelligent scene assistance

  • Intelligent customer service assistant transcribing in real time

  • Intelligent operation, traffic scheduling, KPI indicator monitoring and early warning

Huihu cloud builds an intelligent marketing capability platform for operators

Provide a centralized call platform for the problems of widespread business and team decentralization, weak management and control of partners, and frequent data leakage in the telemarketing process.
An overall solution for online execution of marketing tasks and unified settlement.

  • Handy contacts for quick and easy

  • Blessings for all

  • Open capabilities and easy docking

  • Unified supervision, beware of crossing the line

More application scenarios

Differentiated IVR shunt

Support different service content for different access customers based on customer portrait, service time and dynamic strategy.

Agent crowdsourcing + mobile training

Through the release of tasks on the platform, part-time employees can grab orders through mobile phones, and at the same time, mobile training exams are provided.

Customer Voice Mining

In-depth mining and analysis of the full amount of detailed data, forming hot-spot discovery, root cause exploration, thematic analysis and other shaping analysis tools.

Unified management of multi-level WeChat public account

Integrate WeChat public account services scattered in different regions and departments to achieve a centralized management of a management interface.

Overall operation monitoring + accurate on-site management

It provides overall operation monitoring based on core service indicators and precise on-site management functions that can be controlled to any agent.

Circulation of work orders across departments and regions

Support multi-level, multi-department, and cross-region free circulation throughout the group, and support centralized monitoring of complaint handling, service early warning, and report statistics.

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