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Intelligent call center system

Reduce complexity and communication in one step

Multi-channel access, one-stop response service

Support WeChat, APP, WEB, Email and other multi-channel methods to uniformly serve customers
Enable customer service to respond to customers quickly

Intelligent identification of visitors to quickly grasp customer demands

Intelligent identification of visitor identity and behavior data, source channels, work order records, etc.
Present to customer service the first time

Flexible work orders, more efficient handling of issues

One-click generation of customers and work orders, flexible assignment, or manual positioning of customers
Full data on this visitor's various channels at a glance

Innovation model, lower labor cost

Offline form

Configurable form template, user self-filled form, associated with work order, used for complaint suggestions, questionnaires, etc.

smart robot

7X24 hours online, solve common problems of customers, make customer service more energy to maintain key customers

Customer service app

Support customer service mobile terminal to receive customers, the message and PC are synchronized in real time, so that customer service can also be on duty at home

Powerful background, easier operation management

Automatic full quality inspection to improve quality inspection efficiency

Set according to the response time, keywords, etc.
Automatically score the overall service level of customer service staff

Powerful statistical reports and perfect data analysis

Support multiple report types such as satisfaction, workload, session source, etc.
Perfect presentation of various business data

Chat monitoring to keep up with customer service

Viewable in live chat monitoring including
Visiting statistics, chat entrance statistics, online agent statistics and other real-time indicators

More functional support to make the service better understand customers

Fast integration

Copy links to quickly embed online customer service across channels

Navigation menu

Customize navigation menus to guide visitors to the corresponding customer service group and reduce communication costs

Offline form

Configurable form template, associated with ticket, used for complaint suggestions, questionnaires, etc.

Session allocation

Can set the session priority allocation strategy to assign the most suitable customer service to users

News prediction

The client can display the message the customer is entering

Visitor Source

Chat can pinpoint information such as visitor source channels, search keywords, regions, etc.

Rich text interaction

Support text, expression, picture, link multiple communication methods

Conversation tags

Conversation summary, one-click selection labels to categorize conversations

Recommended knowledge

Can set recommendation knowledge under robot service to solve common problems of visitors

Chat knowledge

Intelligent robot can set chat knowledge and automatically collect unknown issues

Heat knowledge

Sort the chat knowledge by popularity, and the administrator can edit and modify the frequently asked questions according to the popularity

Conversational Aid

Can set quick reminders, session reminders, session timeouts, etc.

Skin template

The dialog box supports a variety of theme templates, companies can choose to change according to the style of the website

satisfaction survey

Session ends, users can evaluate the satisfaction of the session

Open interface

Seamless connection between online customer service and enterprise internal systems

通过合力亿捷产品和技术获取服务 On average, at least 80 million people receive services through Heli Eager products and technologies

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